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To us,(Doors, windows, aluminum frames and synthetic-pvc) a group of experienced technical designs, produces and installs advanced aluminum extrusion company top Greek and foreign, and synthetic frames, leading companies, with local origin or German home to windows pvc. Whether it is a small house, or an entire building complex, or for aesthetic intervention curtain walls building or investing in bond, each product meets the needs of consumers by ensuring maximum functionality, permeability, protection against sound, heat or cold and unrivaled aesthetics.



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About Us

We produce, manufacture frames, aluminum, pvc, synthetic, Etem, Europa, Rehau, sound insulation, thermal insulation, energy, save home, renovation, replacement, warranty Thank you for your interest in our products. H STYLETECH is a manufacturer of aluminum frames and uPvc. Established (since we are at the desks of the Polytechnic in 1980, with new ideas and dreams, and beyond) in 1992 and is among the fastest growing in the industry. Apart from the high quality and technologically advanced equipment and our skilled staff, we have acquired the necessary quality certificates, and continuously improved technology, with respect to the environment.  We produce and place aluminum windows and upvc classical form (opening, sliding, superimposed) or special shapes (harmonica, sliding / reclining, thermal break and aluminum-wood combinations) in many colors, simple, metal or wood imitation. The shutters have the ability to produce our own profiles which are certified with exclusivity in 9 Beaufort and class 6. Can be configured in single-ply, two-ply, clover, four leaf and exafyllo. We pay great attention to detail and functionality of the structure, so the connections profile and heavy frames made ​​with thermo bonding press, which is 100% aluminum and comes with a special adhesive and Sealant in the sections of the profile. The hard part is not daunting, but it is a challenge for us! From then until today, always based on the creative artistry and experience, and solely with all the architectural requirements of customers with excellent construction provides durability and aesthetics meet the needs windows, railings, doors and windows. The company has systems in aluminum and upvc, for individuals who want reliable solutions for your home. The quality systems of aluminum and upvc, advanced technology offered in STYLETECH.sa guarantee certain outcomes and the ability to use flexible solutions making everything aesthetically desirable, and functional outcome. For manufacturing companies, the company STYLETECH.sa proposed products meet all European standards with all necessary international certifications.  Our company by having a long, successful and consistent presence in the Greek market, is today one of the most notable names in the construction of aluminum and upvc. The long presence in the construction industry, aluminum and upvc, and satisfied customers, we are guaranteed that our construction excel in terms of quality, functionality and aesthetics. The special care in manufacturing quality products, proper implementation, attention to detail and on-time delivery characterize the company and give a name of trust.  Our company selects the aluminum ETEM BUILDINGS, the sole company of its kind, which acquired the specialized European quality certificates QUALANOD (for anodizing) and QUALICOAT (for powder coating). Our company selects the profile upvc, of the most significant companies in the European market, focusing Joined German producer profile, with the highest standards and quality certifications and parts thereof. The high quality products, the great stock, professionalism, reliability, service provides aftermarket products are some additional reasons that our company prefers ETEM BUILDINGS and products REHAU.Apokoryfoma excellent product quality we have a certificate of ITT, ISO, CE. Written engyisi10 years 10 years .. absolute consistency in terms of agreement and deliver on time. Refined largest and modern showroom where is exposed a vast range of products. Experienced and knowledgeable staff provides guests with full information on all products and fittings exposed. Personal appointments for each client. The partners STYLETECH.sa form the core of executive staff, flanked by staff permanent and permanent, regular and extraordinary scientific partners who include: • Civil Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Graduate Department of Computer Science and Computer • Economists • Legal • Tax. Our goal is customer satisfaction through continuous delivery of products and customer support, the proposal and implementation until construction with certified materials and the completion of the project.  Contact us, let us know by promise you that apart from our affordable prices, you will also meet people with great experience in manufacturing aluminum frames, upvc, for your new home, renovating your cottage for renewal your professional space, eager to solve all your problems for heat & sound insulation, energy savings, safety and aesthetics. high quality services. Equipment: In our group of experienced technical designs, produces and installs advanced aluminum extrusions leading Greek companies, and foreign and synthetic frames, leading companies, with local provenance, or German firms in frames pvc. To achieve this, our factory is equipped with latest technology machinery production.      We continuously update our fleet of machines, so we can produce frames and structures would first like to us to make sure that you like and you.    • Unit planning, design and production order consisting of modern computers and appropriate staff. Modern machinery.  • Unit automatic cutting of materials for doors and windows, aluminum and synthetic automatic cutting saw two heads, with the possibility of cutting the programming of the unit planning and instruction.    • Cutting unit with large illustrious, vertical drive, rotating 360 degrees, with automatic shutdown of equipment, profiles, aluminum and synthetic materials.    • Automatic cutting saw blinds, shutters and accessories.    • Saw for cutting aluminum slats and synthetic in vertical format.    • Automatic saw for cutting and chandroma for aluminum slats.    • Automatic saw for cutting and chandroma in synthetic slats.    • Automatic drill presses profile to 185 combinations.    • Automatic xilouristiria for aluminum and plastic.    • Pantograph for drilling and chantroma locks Sliding in aluminum-pvc.    • Pantograph for drilling and chantroma shutters, and more locks in aluminum-pvc.    • Pantograph for drilling and chantroma sliding locks and more locks in aluminum-pvc.    • Unit preparation for waterproofing aluminum.    • Unit preparation for gluing of aluminum and synthetic.    • Press for manufacturing aluminum frames for all profiles of various companies.    • Tea production for aluminum and synthetic, doors and windows for all profiles of various companies.    • Machine cutting wheels for aluminum and synthetic.    • bender for doors and windows in aluminum frames.    • swaths colones each floor for further drilling of frames.    • Counter rotating horizontally and vertically, for placement of peripheral mechanisms for aluminum frames and synthetic.    • Vertical machine - bench automatic support frames aluminum and pvc, for testarisma frames and glazing.    • Bench - test for setting rollers and sieves vertical and horizontal movement.    • lift cargo transport material from A to B production floors.    • Crane transport material and glass from the outside space to A production.    • hoist and crane from C floor outdoor parking - transportation.    • And dozens of other tools and auxiliary machinery surround production.    • Unit production of iron frames, kason, railings, fences, special construction, with all the necessary machinery for cutting, welding, drilling, punching, consisting of:    • Ribbon cutting iron for various sizes.    • Cutting Saws iron disc 350mm and 300mm.    • Tachypriona with blades 350,450,500 mm.    • Drill heavy duty automatic steering.    • Three-phase high welding.    • Machine for welding gas argon.    • plasma cutting.    • Bending railings and special iron constructions.    • Crane - Roof material transfer.    • And dozens of other tools and auxiliary machinery surround the production and grinding materials.          Our experience in the aluminum, our projects and our existing customers are the guarantee for the realization of the promise and our philosophy. Our Products:  • Doors and windows aluminum simple and energy - thermal break.  • Doors and windows of iron.  • Doors and windows of energy - thermal break, plastic pvc, your choice.  • Interior doors dance aluminum and wood in various designs.  • Security doors and armored various types and options.  • Mosques energy third generation in various combinations U.  • Screens of various sizes and orientations, and simply mechanisms.  • Rolls different way, simply, aluminum, solid, heavy-duty, wide bore, thermal break, with simple motion, crank, motor, sensor rain, wind, light, with remote command option.  • curtain wall types and design, simple and energy.  • Investments buildings j.bond.  • Shades various types of sunscreens.  • Fire doors and double wing flyers.  • Tailor made your choice, designed by us, and copies you want.  • Veranda Railings and fences, in apyra designs and applications.  • Veranda Railings and fences, in Ipoh and aluminum.  • Partitions offices and apartments.  • Automation in garage doors, sliding doors, Sliding.  We demonstrate radically dynamic presence in the Greek market in recent decades. Choose us and you will not lose out! Why aluminum are many, but not all STYLETECH    ARCHITECTURAL APPLICATIONS-ALUMINIUM-IRON-AUTOMATION-ENERGY  WINDOWS-DOORS-WINDOWS AND DOOR HARD PVC GERMANY.  • FACTORY ALUMINUM-25th MARCH 54 ANO LIOSIA.  • REPORT 1 - 27 I.KAPODISTRIA ANO LIOSIA.13341  • TEL: 210. 2484454 - FAX.: 210. 2484004  • AFM.: 072423009 - Tax.: SAINTS ANARGYRON  • e-mail.: Info@styletech.gr - www.styletech.gr  • www.koufomata-alouminiou-pvc.gr info@styletech.gr





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